National Press Club

Canberra, ACT

National Press Club of Australia

7:00 PM

Funk/Soul/ R&B outfit at the Press Club!

Thursday Live Blues at the Press Club!

I am looking forward to getting the Funk/Soul/ R&B outfit together again for the National Press Club!

This will be a fun night- it’ll be our first gig at the Press Club’s Thursday Live Blues sessions!

The lineup for the night will be:

  • Elise Walsh (vocals, flute)
  • Cameron Smith (trumpet)
  • Clare Fitzgerald (keyboard)
  • Steve Fitzgerald (drums)
  • John Burgess (bass)
  • Sinuhe Pacheco (percussion)
  • Jonathan Mao (occasional guitar)

Venue Details

16 National Circuit, Barton
Canberra, ACT 2600
+61 2 6121 2199