Musical training is a more potent instrument than any other because rhythm and harmony find their way into the inner places of the soul – Plato

I am a music teacher specialising in voice and flute tuition. I am based in Canberra and offer online music lessons as well well as in-person classes.

Vocal tuition

I can work with individuals or small groups. I can guide you on how to learn that new song or improvise, harmonise and learn new techniques, refine your vocals and to generally have fun with your voice.

My vocal exercises and technique can be applied to all genres or types of music.

I love to help people find their voice through expression, tone and breath.

Yes, I believe that anyone can sing with the right technique, feeling / belief and dedication!

Flute tuition

I teach beginner to advance flute to children and adults.

I have been teaching flute for over 30 years. I particularly enjoy seeing children and adults have fun with playing.

Although practice is important with any instrument, I believe practice outside lessons will become a natural progression for those who enjoy their instruments.

We need people who memorize all their exercises so that they can play scales with some sort of charm and virtuosity, later transferring this inner meaning to the music they are playing“- Sir James Galway (legendary flautist).


  • 1 hour individual lessons – $75
  • 30 minute individual lessons – $45
  • 45 minute individual lessons – $60
  • 30 minute 10 week blocks – $400

24 hour notice policy

Should you wish to reschedule a lesson, make-up lessons are available. However, you must notify me at least 24 hours beforehand.


Due to the COVID-19 situation I’ve put all face-to-face lessons on hold. It does NOT mean we need to cancel lessons. It just means we change the way those lessons are given.

Instead, I am continuing lessons via Zoom, FaceTime, Skype, or Google Hangouts. There’s no reason why our lessons can’t continue. Continuing practice and lessons may help with maintaining stability and normalcy during these intense times.

Next term I will continue to offer online lessons until further advice.


I started my first lesson with Elise about four years ago. I was a complete novice with no experience in singing or music tuition. I had always wanted to learn to sing and had been actively discouraged as a child, some forty years ago. I have limited musical memory and a problem with rhythm. This has not deterred Elise working on my strengths and improving the quality of my singing.

Elise has actively encouraged me over the last four years to keep going, giving me the confidence to join a community choir and enjoy discovering my voice. Elise has helped me realise a dream of mine.

Her teaching style with me is relaxed, encouraging and based on a wealth of experience and talent.

A. Moore


I had always enjoyed singing and Elise taught breathing and sound production techniques that took my singing to a different level.

Now I love singing and she provided me a whole new repertoire of gorgeous songs.



I’ve always loved singing and musical theatre but was never able to pursue it because I found learning theory too challenging for me.

Elise is encouraging, fun and taught me how to use my voice in terms I understood. I love being able to choose the songs I get to sing with her each week.

Elise helped me to gain confidence in my performance ability and get a part in my school’s musical.

Gem Barclay