Live at Smith’s 2021

New EP release – Live at Smith’s Alternative 2021

This EP captures a live performance in Canberra. In front of a full house, Bella Groove played two sets of mostly original tunes.

City lights was Recorded and mixed at HiHat Music Studios, Canberra.

Recorded at Smith’s Alternative, Canberra – August 8, 2021.

The lineup

Elise Walsh – Flute, Vocals
John Black – Piano, Keyboard
James Luke – Bass
Matt Lustri – Guitar
Steve Richards – Drums

Track listing

Get Movin’

Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by John Black.

This song was written during lockdown in Australia, in 2020. Like a lot of people around the world, I felt a sense of frustration; with our political leaders and their inaction on climate change and social justice, and an internal lack of motivation. So I told myself that I needed to get moving, finish the songwriting and use music as a tool to vent my frustration. Also, I just wanted to create music for people in general to get movin’, literally: dance and move their bodies to some fun rhythms!


Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by John Black.

Transitions was originally called D minor riff! It was something I created about 15 years ago, taking a break during my Honours study and playing music to soothe the soul, so to speak! I played along to a Rebirth of the Cool album, and loved a tune called Eine Kleine Hed Musik, by the German group Coldcut. So this D minor riff was inspired by this “cool” tune!

So the idea of Transitions just sat there until last year, when John Black, amazing pianist and arranger, came along to help out with the harmonies. So it came to fruition late 2020, during the year of Transitions!


Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by Victor Rufus.

This song is my “tongue in cheek” reaction to our new way of being in the 21st century! In this digital life, dating begins online and our phones or other digital devices have become our main focus and means of communication.

Love Is A River

Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by John Black.

This is simply a love song, written during lockdown in 2020.


Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by Victor Rufus.

I had so much fun creating this tune, singing the melody (rather than creating it on my flute or piano) – I kept thinking bananas… ban na na na na!!

It was intended to be a “set ender” tune, so quite short & catchy…& no long solos! So I wanted everyone singing Bananas as they left the venue, hehe!😁

December Refrain

Written by Elise Walsh. Arranged by John Black.

This song was written during a difficult time, just prior to New Years’ Eve 2020. Our first Christmas apart from our families, due to COVID lockdowns. I wanted to believe in a hopeful and better New Year. Although a little melancholy at first, the major chords in the chorus and upbeat solos, introduces the hope and joy, which I hope everyone will feel.

Audio recorded by Bevan Noble @bnaturalproductions.
Mixed and mastered by Intrinsic Digital

Live at Smith's Alternative 2021 album now available!

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