End of year Concert Poster

Below are a few photos from our End of Year Student Concert. Everyone did a tremendous job performing. The concert was a success. We’ll definitely be holding more student concerts in 2015!

I was proud to present a concert for my students with my friend and colleague Juanita Cucinotta of Queen Juanita Music on the 6 December 2014.

It was a fabulous opportunity for students of all ages to get up and perform in front of family and friends. Some students had already experienced performing in public whilst others had stepped out for the first time!

Regardless of experience, there was a good deal of stage fright on the day. So there was plenty of mutual hugging and supportive comments backstage!

Photographs by Louise Brooks.



We’ve just updated our site with a fresh design and more importantly, more music!

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It will be BellaGroove’s last gig at the HippoCo for 2014! We’ll play some of our favourite tunes including a couple of soul & R&B tunes to round off the night.

It’s been fun playing at the HippoCo this year. There is always a warm and receptive crowd!

The line-up for this gig will be: John Burgess on (bass), Taliya Blom (drums), Don Fraser  (Keyboard), Sinuhe Pacheco (percussion) and myself on flute and vocals.

This will be a fun gig at ANU Fellows Garden! I’m fortunate to be playing with fellow Kooky Fandango members Peter Barta, Robert Nesci and Claire Leske! So here’s hoping the weather will hold out!!!