The Drummers!

Maintaining the groove.

Where would this album be without the Bella Groove drummers!

Update: Album launch tickets available now!

Steve Fitzgerald

It was great to have my “go-to” drummer on the album! Steve plays with the acclaimed Canberra band Brass Knuckle Brass Band and Victor Rufus Reverberation and many more local groups!

Steve is so easy going and upbeat (excuse the pun!). He has a natural feel & depth to his playing, without overplaying.

Thank you Steve for keeping me in line with those endings 🙂

Mark Sutton

What a privilege to have Mark play on the album. He certainly is one of the best swing drummers in town!

Mark has played with the ‘who’s who’ of the Australian Jazz scene including Mike Nock, Bernie McGann, Dale Barlow, Sean Wayland, James Muller, Matt MacMahon and Idea of North.

I’m also lucky to have Mark play considering the time and effort he spent on recording/editing/mixing.