I used to regularly audition and perform in amateur and semi professional musicals from my teens to my early twenties. My dream was to live the life of a stage actor and singer like Geraldine Turner, whom I believed to be Australia’s musical theatre queen.

Whenever I came across singing roles that required a mezzo soprano range, rather than my comfortable alto, I would really struggle. I had a fear of singing beyond a high C!

I experienced similar anxiety when I first had to solve a maths equation or algebra in High School. The usual negative thought flashed by unhelpfully – like neon lights telling the world that “I can’t do this.”

I still auditioned for those mezzo roles but inevitably I would freak out and become so anxious in the audition. So instead of getting the Ingénue role or virtuous character – the love interest – I ended up with the alto leads or minor character roles, which were a lot of fun to perform!

As I matured, I told myself to not be afraid of those high notes and to let go of those unhelpful thought patterns. I also went to a couple of singing teachers, who helped me gain a flexible and strong voice, and improve my vocal range. I also became more confident in auditions and I could sing beyond high C!

Human beings have the remarkable ability to phonate – produce sound. Whether you believe your singing or speaking voice is unremarkable or not, it is your voice and it is remarkable!  Female singer with microphone and musical notes in the background