Rejuvenate, celebrate, this is Spring!

I’m excited about all my upcoming Spring and Summer gigs, indoors and outdoors!

First up… Smiths on Thursday!! Then the lovely Rodney’s Garden Cafe this Sunday!

I think the term Spring Fever really resonates with everyone in Canberra.

There is a certain vitality in the air. Flowers, blossoms a plenty, an abundance of outdoor activities, arts and live music!

We are also not quite sure if we’re ready to leave the comfort of our home. The evenings and morning are still cold… and will I need a jacket if I venture out?

Will that outdoor gig be on? Will the rain stop?

Then we get a whiff of that spring air and energy abounds.

We don’t care about the weather.

We spring into action!

“Whether the weather be cold or
Whether the weather be hot
Whatever the weather, we’ll weather the weather whether we like it or not!”