It’s been a tough year for many in Australia and throughout the world. I have felt wonder at all the kindness displayed and community connectedness, despite the difficulties we’ve all shared.

Music has been a constant in our lives and always will be. We’ve downloaded music, brought out old records that hark back to happy times in our lives. We’ve even started going to gigs and supporting the local arts.

Musicians and artists have been creative throughout the year, finding new ways to reach people (as well as trying to earn a dollar or two!!!).

Let’s continue to spread joy, goodwill, and compassion throughout this Festive Season and beyond.

Best wishes,

Bella Groove

City News Review!

Thank you Clinton White of City News for a great review!

It was a fantastic crowd at Smith’s Alternative last Thursday, the 23rd August! It is always wonderful to perform to a listening audience and to see such enthusiasm for live music!

Click here for review:

City News Review


Elise and Bella Groove at Smith’s Alternative

Album post-launch update

On April 9, an enthusiastic crowed filled the main hall at the Ainslie Arts Centre! It was great to see such a supportive audience turn up for live music on a stormy Canberra day.

Thanks to Helen Musa, City News and Eric Pozza, Canberra Jazz, for such wonderful reviews!

The afternoon was a success, more than I could have ever envisaged!


Thanks to all those involved in this project including; my fellow musicians, my partner, my mum, my family, friends, HiHat Music Studio and Andrew Edgson at Studios 301.

Listen to and buy album

The Bella Groove album, City Lights is now available on bandcamp!

You can purchase the CD and buy the streaming digital album or single tracks on Bandcamp.

It’s also on iTunes, Google Play and soon to Amazon, Pandora, Deezer, Tidal, YouTube, Microsoft Groove, ClaroMusica, Saavn, MediaNet, and Shazam!

I hope you enjoy this album.

Bella Groove album launch band members were great